About Us


Love Limzy Co. is an art and lifestyle brand based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia founded and owned by Limzy. The company officially launched via lovelimzy.co on January 2018. 

Rewinding back to four years ago, Limzy quit her art gallery job to become a freelance artist-illustrator back when she was based in Singapore. Her distinctive art style of mixed media with traditional painting and real flowers quickly gain attention from various media. Her creative skill set, a sharp focus on quality content and innate eye for detail is highly sought after, and she counts many international and luxury brands e.g. Dior, Tudor, Fendi, Coach, Apple, American Express, H&M amongst her list of clients. 

With her years of experience in the industry, Limzy realised it was time to elevate her brand from a solo artist to a team of dedicated creatives. She wanted to fulfil her brand motto 'Sharing joy through art and flowers' to more people in the world, and make this motto her legacy. With a year of meticulous planning and brand transitioning with her family partners, Love Limzy Co. is proudly born.

The brand's roots are in flowers, art and illustration, but as we continue to grow and develop more products under the same roof, we look forward to expand our depth and breadth of our product line. 

We strongly believe life's personal memories and stories are best told through a thoughtful handmade gift, and hope that our floral products inspire you to share these moments with others, one flower at a time, for many years to come.