During this #socialdistancing time staying at home, we would love to contribute and extend our part to the community as much as we can!

For the first time ever, we have debuted our very own Craft & Care DIY Kit Box, specially prepared and curated for the artist in you! There is something special about the art of making, of spending time working with our hands to build something beautiful. It could also be a perfect daytime activity with your kids and loved ones, or simply a quiet quality afternoon with you yourself. Subconsciously, it helps ease the anxiety that is silently accumulating inside of us nowadays. Our flowers and art are bound to make your #socialdistancing days better and brighter!




Most of our artprints with preserved flowers in store could be sent to you as a DIY Kit! Each artprint is unique and individual, hence different flower types and colors will be prepared accordingly. 


 What's inside:

1. Frame
2. Artprint of your choice
3. Personalized calligraphy
4. Preserved flowers
5. Tweezer
6. UHU glue
7. Instructions guide
8. Complementary video tutorial


This DIY Kit is perfect for beginners, art lovers, floral enthusiasts, and even children under parental guidance. It is also a great gift to send to that special someone to cheer him or her up! Our DIY Kit is also really budget friendly, offering with the lower price than the original completed artprint. Kindly view more below for a preliminary idea of our DIY Kit tutorial content. 


Using the scissors, trim the hydrangea into smaller pinch sizes.


Dab UHU glue sparingly at the stems of hydrangea.


From the bottom left/right of the gown, attach hydrangea bunches with glue and layer the flowers row by row.
Once a row is done, move up and work on another row.


Once you have attached the hydrangea on the gown, your artwork should look like this.


Attach roses on the waist line of the gown with a considerable amount of UHU glue.


Your Artwork is done!

Simply let us know which piece and color you are interested, contact via the contact form below or our Instagram DM, our lovely customer service team will be in touch with you shortly!

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