Mid-Autum Festival Season

Celebrate the century-old tradition of Mid Autumn for the brightest full moon and the art of gifting. Handmade Shanghainese Crusted Mooncakes and mellow autumn palettes of fresh flower arrangement make an ideal gift for full moon appreciation.

Mid-Autumn Mooncakes & Flowers Gift Box

Our Autumn Awakening Mooncakes & Flowers Portable Gift Box is a renewed interpretation of the beloved delicacy.

FREE Mid-Autumn themed Greeting Card

Flower Bouquet

A bouquet in hand, a beloved in mind. Be it the thought behind the occasion, or the sheer beauty of a flower bouquet, it definitely puts a smile on one's face. Send a bouquet to show that you care and that he/she is constantly in your mind!

Memories Worth Keeping

We strongly believe life's personal memories and stories are best told through a thoughtful handmade gift, and hope that our floral products inspire you to share these moments with your loved ones.

A Personalised Touch

With our semi customisation service, you could calligraph the names of your loved ones, for all occasions are worth celebrating for.