Free shipping within Malaysia for orders of RM250 and above!


I have fulfilled my payment, how long does it take to be delivered?

Kindly visit the ‘Shipping’ section for more details. 

Do you provide portrait customisation?

Currently we do not provide full customisation drawing and the artwork design is fixed. However, our artprints is customisable.


What do you mean by customisation of artwork?

Some of the designs come with complimentary calligraphy service. You may write down names or your best wishes to make it special for your loved ones.


What is preserved flower?

Preserved flower is made of fresh and natural flower. They are processed with a revolutionary technology to maintain their fresh appearance and texture for years.

During preservation process, the substances used are non-toxic and non-corrosive. Hence, they will not cause any negative health or environmental impacts.


How long do preserved flowers last?

Under cool and dry environment, preserved flowers have a general shelf life of 1-3 years. It can last even more than that if it’s stored in a sealed casing.


How to take care the artwork?

  • Keep them indoor at temperatures below 35 °C. Best with air conditioning environment (Humidity level 40% to 60%)
  • Do not water
  • Do not expose to excessive heat or direct sunlight
  • Avoid direct contact with wet substances
  • Use dry tissue or brush to gently remove the dust if any


Do you ship overseas?

We now ship worldwide! For order inquiries from overseas, kindly contact us at