I am so ecstatic to finally share my new office with you all! 
A quick recap back for those of you who are new here. 
In January 2018, We moved to a 670 sq ft unit, and 'twas the birth of Love Limzy Co. I took the leap of faith to elevate from a freelance artist to a group of dedicated art production team. This transition was everything to me. It was my baby and I was over the moon everyday. Yet that was merely the beginning. Starting a business takes courage, but sustaining a business and stepping into the unknown (no pun intended, Elsa)? It is so much more. An art business? Wow, have I gone bonkers?

Our very first interns, Jasmine and Xinhui, who are now full timers till today!

My brother Zen, who is also our managing director, built all our inventory shelves from scratch! 
July 2019. 
Fast forward in a year and a half, our little studio no longer could bear the capacity, and we took another bold leap to move to a larger unit. It was practically a dream space to work at, but it also meant higher expenses and overhead costs in overall. Our good friend, Chanwon decided to share the studio with us, and hence the birth of #TheWonzyStudio. 
We were in the midst of a crazy production at that time, moving to the new place was nothing but chaotic and crazy. My mind was littered everywhere and feeling all sorts of anxiety and emotional turmoil. We tried to keep things really simple and functional. I borrowed my fiancé's lorry to move ourselves at ease. We also reuse most of our existing furniture. 
With the larger spaces, we could finally display our array of artworks, materials and props. The one thing I absolutely adore about my office is how beautifully lit it is during the day, thanks to the tall ceilings and large skylight windows. Our flowers come in all sorts of vibrants colors, hence our furniture is mostly white or oak based to keep our space visually larger and tidier. 
Our Head of Production, Alice, meticulously arranges the frames onto the shelves.
We even have a hallway upstairs for prop shelves, and a separate space for photography. Simply said, the new studio seems like a slice of heaven.   
Our studio in full capacity. We are a strong, solid and close knitted team of 8. To me, they are just like family! I want the space that we could get serious for work, but feel as cosy as home. 
The studio is a labor of love and I am absolutely proud to work here everyday! It is definitely an understatement to say I have come so far to finally have my own team, brand and office. Stepping into my 30s but first time being a boss, I am now wiser and calmer, but it feels that there is still so much to learn and grow. I am forever thankful for my work fam for trusting me in this bizarre roller coaster ride, and always keeping me young, passionate and energetic.
Stepping outside, our studio is blessed with a city view up from the hill where the horizon touches the sky and the clouds collide between the forests. As I stand on top of the hill with nothing but the sound of the wind against my ears, it makes any past, present and future worries quickly disappear, leaving nothing but a simple reminder that there is nowhere else in the world that I'd rather be. I can barely wait to see what the future unfolds! 

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